Emi, The Fuck Doctor
is it possible to be a biromantic homosexual? I can't get turned on by anything but vags and find penises gross. But I find both guys and girls attractive (I.e. faces, bodies, everything excluding genitals) and can see myself in a romantic relationship with either.

Sure. Be what ever you want if you have to be. I don’t like labels. 

Attempted suicide: Attention seeker.
Successful suicide: Beautiful and loved.
What's your experience with vibrator, particularly rabbit vibrators, buying for my lady?

I love rabbit vibrators. They are absolutely the best brand out there. I personally love this one: http://www.adameve.com/adult-sex-toys/vibrators/rabbit-vibrators/sp-squirmy-rabbit-love-her-79096.aspx 

The fingering anon might try clitoral stimulation along with vaginal, or try searching for her g-spot.
if the guy is on the top,what is the girl supposed to do during intercourse if hes too heavy for her to move?

I’m slightly confused by this question.

When in a missionary position I wrap my legs around my partners waist. 

i cant pleasure myself,and neither can my boyfriend. if fingering and stimulating the clit dont do anything,and i cant buy a toy....what else is there to do?

If you’re under 18 you can buy sex toys online.

If you’re not getting off from sex or clitoral masturbation you might want to ask a doctor. 

What's the point of the deep throat technique? I mean how does it work? I am kind of afraid to look it up. And how can a person with a very sensitive gag reflex work that up?

Some guys really like it.

I have a horrible gag reflex but I’ve found just using generic throat numbing spray from any store with a pharmacy makes it a lot easier. 

I’m a virgin girl, and I fingered myself for the first time today. I tried going in deep, and then I tried going in and out faster. I did get wet, but did not really feel any pleasure from either method. Is this normal? Do I have to stick more than one finger inside me in order to get a rise?

I cannot get any pleasure from fingering myself so don’t worry. I don’t even liked to be fingered by my fiance. If you want to masturbate vaginally I suggest using a toy.

I personally recommend any of the Rabbit toys. Since you are a virgin though I would look for something slim like this http://www.adameve.com/adult-sex-toys/vibrators/traditional-vibrators/sp-slim-waterproof-massager-1937.aspx . With my bullet style vibe I like to insert it and squeeze my vaginal muscles around it, sometimes rolling my hips, to reach orgasm.